Services & Facilities

Burn Permit

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TSFMD sends engines, tenders, and ambulances to Texas, Montana, California, and many other states whenever there is a need.


We hope to build a culture of fire safety, no matter the age. Whether it's a school presentation or a public event.

CPR & Basic First Aid

To better strengthen the community, TSFMD hosts CPR and Basic First Aid classes on a regular Schedule.

Ambulance Services

TSFMD staffs ALS (advanced life support) and BLS (basic life support) ambulances 24/7 based out of our stations in Snowflake and Taylor.

Station 41

Just east of the Taylor town hall, station 41 can be found at 411 W Papermill Rd. RU41, RU42, EN41, TD41, BR41 all operate out of this station.

Station 51

Strategically centered in the heart of Snowflake, fire station 51 can be found at 325 W 4th St S. This station houses RU51, RU52, EN51, TD51 & BR51.

Community Involvement

We believe that we can't succeed without putting the community first.

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2023 Call Volume for TSFMD

The numbers on the right indicate the amount of 911 calls, interfacility transports, and public service requests that were completed by the Taylor-Snowflake Fire Department in 2023 totaling 2,142 calls.

Medical Emergencies
Fire, HazMat, & Rescue Emergencies
Motor Vehicle Accident Emergencies
Public Service Calls and IFT's